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jan 25 2022 - jan 25 2022

The Bocksten Man

  • jan 25 2022 - jan 25 2022


The Bocksten Man


The Bocksten Man is one of Sweden’s most interesting finds from the Middle Ages. The man’s skeleton and his well-preserved 14th-century costume are unique objects. The unsolved mystery of the Bocksten Man’s fate and death fascinates visitors of all ages.

The Bocksten Man was found in Bocksten’s bog in 1936. The skeleton and costume have been preserved through the unique environment of the bog.  Research and preservation have been done many times since the find was found. The knowledge of the Bocksten Man is changing and deepening. The museum tells about this knowledge, while the find is displayed with dignity and respect for the man’s fate and death.

In the exhibition you will find out how the Bocksten Man was found by the children Thure and Gulli one summer day in 1936.

What can new research tell about the time and life of the Bocksten Man? How can we know that he lived in the middle of the 14th century?

How did he die and why was wooden piles stuck through his body? Can DNA samples tell you anything more about the Bocksten Man? What does the costume reveal about the Bocksten Man’s social standing and was he really dressed in wool from head to toe? Welcome to seek answers to the riddle of the Bocksten Man