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The Bocksten Man find

The Bocksten Man was found in Bocksten’s bog, by the children Thure and Gulli one summer day in 1936. The skeleton and costume of a man who had probably been murdered, had then been preserved for almost 700 years by the unique environment in the bog.

The Bocksten Man has given us outstanding opportunities for research. Through this research, we know more about what life was like in the Middle Ages. We know how old the man was, what social group he belonged to, and even how he looked. The development of technology makes it possible to ask new questions that give us even more knowledge.

The Bocksten Man is shown in a new and larger exhibition since the summer of 2021. The objects have brand new glass cases, which better show and preserve this cultural heritage for the future. The life and death of the Bocksten Man and the history of the 14th Century continue to fascinate and engage both children and adults.