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080729- Bexellska Ryggåsstugan



Bexellska Ryggåsstugan is located at Träslövsvägen 1 in Varberg.


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Besxellska Ryggåsstugan

On Träslövsvägen 1 in central Varberg is a red painted cottage with peat roof, a so-called South Götian house from the 18th century. The building type is also called a back ridge cottage or bonfire cottage. The nearest neighbours are the parish home, a newly built roundabout and a modern brick villa. One wonders why such an old house is located in the middle of modern urban settlements. The house has a strange background and history.


Alfred Bexell

1876, the member of parliament and landowner Alfred Bexell bought the cottage “on the root” at Kulsegård in Harplinge from the owner Jöns Jönsson. Everything loose, except the clothes Jöns Jönsson wore, came with the purchase of the cottage.

Artur Hazelius, founder of nordiska museet and Skansen, visited Bexell in the cottage around 1880 and five years later, Hazelius bought the first cottage for Skansen in Stockholm. Since 1907, Bexellska ryggåsstugan has been located on Träslövsvägen in Varberg.