The blacksmith was important in the daily work at the fortress. The blacksmith made, among other things, horseshoes, nails, carriage axles and tools of various kinds. The blacksmith was needed for the maintenance of doors, windows and timepieces and he made locks, fittings and much more. 

There is a three-page long and very detailed list of all the work that Erik Olofsen Klensmed performed at the fortress during the years 1615–1616. According to the list, Erik had, among other things, manufactured eight large, double lockable gates and keys and locks for the doors in the lady’s chamber, the dairy, the prison tower and the cellar. He had also delivered fittings for brick moulds, a stamp to mark timber with and also two fittings for dog collars that would be used for the Royal Majesty’s two large young dogs! 

In the summer of 1616, we know that the fortress’s forge was provided with two new, large bellows made by Jacob Jensen in Varberg. Erik’s hard work during the year had certainly worn down the old ones.