Föremål från monter i utställningen

Silk, pearls, beakers and wax candles…

During the hard work on the fortress construction, they must have moved there

On the horizon – the noblemen and women, members of royalty, the lord of the manor and his family. A window wide open to a world so close, but always out of reach.

  1. Jug of birchwood
  2. Turned cup of masur birch
  3. Jug of tin, the year 1617 is written on the lid
  4. A fine knife shaft made of antlers
  5. Pieces from three bartmann jars
  6. Tile medallion
  7. Bone from cow or ox
  8. Bone from cow or ox
  9. Rib from sheep
  10. Jaw from pig
  11. Spurs
  12. Pieces from shoes