In the casing:

1. Danish coins from the reigns of Fredrik II (1559) and Christian IV (1588-1648) 

2. Atlas Danicus compiled by Peder Hansen Resen, 17th century 

This is part of a map work in several volumes over Denmark in the 17th century. The author was a lawyer and Danish historian. 

3. Danmarckis och Norgis fructbar Herlighed, by Arent Berntsen, 1656 

This book describes the cultural history and the conditions for the agriculture in the Danish kingdom during the 17th century. The author was for a period the scribe at Varberg fortress.  

4. Receipt for four barrels of beer, signed by the castle lord Mogens Gyldenstierne the 2nd of october.  

5. Architectura von Vestungen by Daniel Specklin, 1589 

The book describes different ways to build fortresses. When Varberg fortress was to be built, the book was an important source of knowledge. The author was a French architect and engineer specialized in fortresses.  

6 and 7. Two compasses/dividers the one of metal was found during an excavation at the fortress 1922-1924 

8. Measuring rods, used to make standardized measurements during the construction of the fortress. Found at an excavation at the fortress 1922-1924