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Jan 25 2022 - Jan 25 2022

Halland through the ages

  • Jan 25 2022 - Jan 25 2022



The history of Halland – from ice sheets to beach paradise. This exhibition takes you on a trip through Halland’s history from the stone age to today’s Gekås. Meet the people of Halland from both peasant class and nobility, pirates, emigrants and a lemur.

Where did the first inhabitants of Halland settle? How did a unique bronze shield end up in Nackhälle? Who was provost Hjortberg, and did he really cure diseases with electricity? Is it possible that the ball button killed Charles XII in 1718? What tales do the painted tapestries tell of the people of Halland in the 19th century?

The exhibition is varied, thought-provoking and a bit playful. Unique objects borrowed from all over the country and from the museum’s own large collections are displayed. With the help of film, slide shows and sound clips, the exhibition attracts many senses.


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