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Fågelboet i Vessigebro


The bird’s nest in Vessigebro is located on August Bondesons väg 2 in Falkenbergs municipality and is open on special occasions. Contact the museum 0340-838 30 for more information.


August Bondeson

The author, folk life researcher and physician August Bondeson grew up in a red cottage with white knots, next to Vessige church and rectory. His parents, Carl and Lisa Bondeson, built the house in 1855. The bird’s nest is August Bondeson’s own name for his childhood home where he grew up with his parents and two younger siblings – sister Jenny and brother Carl Victor (who died at a young age.) The house was solid for a craftsman by the standards of the time.


The buildings have remained almost unchanged since August time. The outbuilding was originally located on the other side of the dwelling house, but was moved in 1939 when the highway was widened and given a different stretch. The original chip roof, the “stick roof” of the dwelling house, was replaced with brick roofs in the mid-1930s and over the years the museum has maintained and repaired gradually. The garden was built in the mid-1990s and today there are old-time flowers and spice plants.